To our friends at Shi mei Primary School. Here is a new Blog, that our schools will be able to share resources and ideas, to help build the oral language culture within your school.

Try this:

Use the Picture to start your students talking in English. Follow the questions underneath the picture.



  1. What do you see?
  2. What do you think is going on?
  3. What does it make you wonder?



3 responses »

  1. The badly made panda suit was even noticed by the pandas. The person had gently tried to put the baby panda in the box. The man/woman was kidnapping the poor young panda.

  2. (from the panda’s point of view)
    I see a human dressed as a panda coming towards me. I look beneath me and i see a box. the human panda is hesatating to put the lid on the box. I wonder if i will be able to breath I hope so.

  3. I think that person is a poacher, he is kidnapping the panda to make a quick few thousand dollars and i know this because i know that panda fur goes for alot and alot of many money because in China, if you poach pandas you will get a death sentence or even a life sentence Imprisonment.

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