1. What do you see?
  2. What do you think is going on?
  3. What does it make you wonder?


Morning Fluff: Researchers in China donned panda suits last month to help a 21-month-old panda and its mother transfer to a new home; the costumes were meant to ease the process by limiting the animals’ interaction with humans.

And the real pandas were like: “Really? How dumb do you think we are?”

See the rest of the ridic pics here.


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  1. I can see a terrified cute baby panda amongest soggy cold terrain.There is a fake looking thing indisguise kidnapping a tiny helpless panda.

  2. I can see twigs and few leaves over towering the two strange pandas. It seem like a very cold moist day. The grey day is turning dirt to mud and clouds to fog. The twigs, moss and leaves are covering a log were the panda plays. The baby panda looks stressed an he is paralised in fear and wonder.

  3. A man in a costume picking up a baby panda putting it into a box. A terrified panda because it’s getting picked up.

  4. I see a terrified panda getting put in a box of foam. I see twigs getting stood on by a person in a panda costume.

  5. I can see a cute baby panda. There is a person disguised as a panda, that is picking up the panda or putting it into the container. I can see some sort of bush in the top left corner.There is sticks and dirt on the bottom of the picture. There is long grass or leaves around the baby panda and the person in disgiuse like a panda.

  6. What going on is the small panda getting kidnapped? Is the small panda getting sent away?I is that the small panda bed as the box?

  7. I see a terrified cute baby panda that has furry little ears a furry little body and has a black and white body.
    I think that the big fake panda is trying to kidnapp the baby panda so the fake panda can take the baby panda to where the person lives.
    I wonder why the person dressed like the panda is dressed like a panda?

  8. I see a defencless baby panda being picked up by the neck and being but in a horribly small box, by a fake panda in a very bushy area.I also see a tree towering over the panda and the fake panda.
    By Bailey 5/6J

  9. I think the panda is trying to take it to a new home ? I think the panda in the costume is going to get it out of there because there might be something wild in there?

    I wonder if the panda in the costume is going to transfer the panda? .I wonder if the person in the costume is going to kill him or put him in the zoo?

  10. I think that person is a poacher, he is kidnapping the panda to make a quick few thousand dollars and i know this because i know that panda fur goes for alot and alot of many money because in china, if you poach pandas you will get a death sentence or even a life sentence Imprisonment.

  11. I can see a mother panda and a baby panda and I think that the mother panda is giving the baby panda a soggy bath.

  12. The badly made panda suit was even noticed by the pandas. The person had gently tried to put the baby panda in the box. The man/woman was kidnapping the poor young panda.

  13. I can see a panda,sume trees,a boxs and a man or girl in a panda suit. I think that the man or girl is acting to be a panda and save them but why be a panda and why have a boxs?

  14. (from the panda’s point of view)
    I see a human dressed as a panda coming towards me. I look beneath me and i see a box. the human panda is hesatating to put the lid on the box. I wonder if i will be able to breath I hope so.

  15. I believe that the man in the panda suit is getting the baby panda in the box and sending him off to a wild life park, or to a zoo. It is also likely that he is movng to a different area of a park or zoo, but it is looking hard to get the panda in the box. The panda minght just be going to a vet to get looked at and see if h0e is ok. The costume that is trying to make the panda more comfortable is not working that well to me.

    This makes me wonder why are they taking the panda anyway they is not much point unless there is a lot bigger place waiting for them. Wont the small box hurt the pandas big body and why do they think the panda costume will help, no animal is that dum to believe that it is real.

  16. I think that the person in the panda suit is moveing the panda cub to a zoo or transporting the cub to a saffer place.

  17. I can see a terrifled baby panda cute and soft been put into the blue box, with a fake person dress up as a panda.
    I wonder if the baby panda is going to be okay?
    I think the baby panda is not feeling unwell because of the face expresion

  18. It makes me wonder what the big panda is doing and why it is picking it up?
    Why does it have the container?
    I wonder what country it is in?
    I wonder if the little panda is injured or not?
    I wonder if there is any other small panda around?

  19. I think that the person in the panda suit is a reasercher trying to blend in and not disturb the panda in it`s enviorment.

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